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➡️ 综合阿拉伯语、➡️阿拉伯语口语、➡️发音和语调诵读古兰经、➡️阿拉伯语视听、➡️阿拉伯语阅读、➡️阿拉伯语写作、➡️阿拉伯语语法、词法、➡️阿拉伯语翻译理论与实践、➡️经贸阿拉伯语、➡️阿拉伯伊斯兰文化、伊斯兰教的科学和基础知识、阿拉伯概况、➡️阿拉伯报刊选读。




➡️ 掌握阿语语言学、文化、翻译基本理论、基本知识、运用能力、独立分析能力、创新力。
➡️ 具备听、说、读、写、译能力。

online quran classes
online quran classes

Online Quran Classes From Egypt offered by Annaba Academy for those Who want To learn how to recite and to memorize the holy Qur’an

To learn Quran online is not an easy task especially for Muslims whose mother tongue is not the Arabic language. And here comes the role of the Quran teacher who can help the student learn to pronounce the Arabic letters in the correct way using proper Makharij and qualities and follow him/her during the memorization of the Quran Ayat.

That’s why each person needs a Quran teacher from Egypt or another country to learn Quran even the Arabic language speakers learn Quran with teachers, not by themselves.

online quran classes from egypt
Online Quran classes from Egypt

Teachers of An-naba Academy

Reading the Quran in the proper way and the application of the tajweed rules is mandatory for all Quran readers.

We ensure that The teachers of An-naba Academy are not only Hafiz of Quran but also qualified to teach Quran and they have mastered the correct way of recitation and the application of the Tajweed rules and they’re able to explain the Tajweed rules and to correct the recitation of the students.

Online Quran Classes From Egypt courses

You probably asking how can you learn Quran from Egypt with us. Here are the courses of our Online Quran classes from Egypt.

1- Learn Quran memorization

The holy Qur’an is the only book that millions of people memorize it not only reading and understanding. And this is the reason why the Quran is unchanged and nobody over history could edit any word from the words of the Quran. We also need the Quran in our life as Muslims to read in prayer and to do Azkar.

In this course, students memorize a portion from the Quran each class like a few Ayat or short Surah depending on the ability of student in memorization. Each class, the student recites the new Ayat his/her teacher makes sure his memorization is good Then, the student takes the new Ayat and make sure that Ayat is understood.

The method used in memorization:-

1-Tashis: when the teacher read and student repeat after.

2-Tasmi: the student read those Ayat without looking at Mushaf.

3-Tqthbeet: The student read the Ayat up to six times. So, He/She won’t forget them easily.

4-Revision: Student each class will recite old suras or portion of surah without looking at mushaf and take another new suras.

Objective of learn quran memorization course

  1. Helping students to memorize Quran online by having regular memorization classes.
  2. Support of Quran learners to insist on the completion of memorizing the Holy Quran.
  3. making the children acquainted with the Quran teachings.

2- learn Quran reading

Learning Quran reading is an easy task but it requires some effort. It’s like when learning ABC once you know them you will become able to read without much effort.

Annaba Academy provides online Quran classes from Egypt for kids and adults. With our Online Quran Classes From Egypt, you will get to know how to read Quran and Arabic efficiently. You can now learn Quran in Egypt online with Egyptian Quran Teachers.

You can take Nour Al bayan course which is the used book in Egypt to teach kids how to read as it introduces rules to students with examples from Quran to practice and it contains some Arabic text not in Quran that can help students to learn the Arabic language usually this text isn’t used for those who want to learn Quran only.

Nour Al bayan is a booklet like Noorani Qaida(used in India and Pakistan) but has a different order of lessons and used in Egypt and some Arabic countries. Our teachers are well trained to teach this book to make students read efficiently.

Objective of learn Quran reading course

  1. Learning Arabic letters and reading Quran correctly.
  2. Helping Quran learners by making Quran a part of their life to study and memorize it.
  3. Learning the correct way of reading Quran with basic Tajweed rules

3- Learn Tajweed online course

In this course, you can learn the rules of tajweed and understand how to apply them along with the application of each tajweed rule. This course can help those who know how to read Quran but want to correct their recitation and learn Tajweed rules this can be done in our online Quran classes from Egypt.

Reading the Quran with the application of Tajwid rules is obligatory upon each Muslim that is because the Holy Quran was revealed by angel Jabreel in this way and we all have to read the same way the Quran was revealed and observe these rules.

Tajweed course is for advanced students who have already learned how to read the Quran. It can also be taken for those who want to be prepared to start Quran Ijaza join to know more about what we do in our online Quran classes from Egypt.

We have experienced Quran teachers who’s certified to teach Tajweed Al Quran you can learn with them in our online Quran classes from Egypt.

Objective of Learn Tajweed course

  1. The correction of your Quran recitation by the Best Quran teachers.
  2. Observing the rules of Tajweed and to beautify and improve your Quran recitation.
  3. Your child or you will love reading and recitation of the Quran and get confident to recite Quran in front of others.

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Nour Al bayan is a booklet like Noorani Qaida(used in India and Pakistan) but has a different order of lessons and used in Egypt and some Arabic countries. Our teachers are well trained to teach this book to make students read efficiently.






我们从多种教材和书教学 例如:
“شرح ابن عقيل على الفية ابن مالك _ قطر الندى وبل الصدى في الصرف _ شرح الازهرية على قواعد النحو _ نور البيان للمبتدئين _ بغية الطالبين في التجويد _ كاب علوم القران…….



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