Islamic studies courses,

Islamic Studies courses online

Are you thinking about learning Islamic studies or teaching your kids Islamic studies? You are not sure where to start and the easiest way to get Islamic education online.

Islamic studies courses, begain your journey to learn Islamic studies
Islamic studies courses

In Annaba Academy, we provide Islamic studies for kids and adults classes online. All classes are one on one or teacher to one family. 

You will be taught by expert Egyptian Teachers who have studied at Al-Azhar university which is the world-leading Islamic university and school. Classes are conducted in the most interactive way. Therefore, enjoyable for kids and useful for adults.

Besides the online Quran classes or with them, you can take Islamic studies classes to learn matters of our religion and faith. You can also learn any Islamic or Sharia sciences that you would like to know in detail and you will be able to see a wide range of academic subjects in the area of Islamic studies

What are the subjects that you can study in the Islamic studies?

Islamic studies is a wide field and there are many Islamic sciences that are actually taught or can be studied with teachers upon your request for all ages, starting from Islamic education for children to in-depth studies for adults

The Islamic studies courses

The subjects to be studied in the Islamic studies classes are many including but not limited to:

1- Tawheed(Monotheism): where students learn the beliefs of Islam and the attributes of Allah Subhanhu watala and his prophets with establishing evidence from the Quaran and sunnah along with the logical aspect. Or it is called Tawhid.

2-Fiqh(Islamic jurisprudence): The knowledge and the understanding of the guidance, the rulings, and the way of life Allah prescribed for us. Where students learn how to perform the actions of worship like salah and fasting and also learn what is Haram and Halal to do.

2- Hadith: where students study the words of our beloved prophet Muhammed Peace be upon him, his teachings and actions as a source of Sharia and moral guidance. 

3- Seerah (Biography of the prophet): where students study the biography of the prophet Salla Allah Alih wasllam. Along with studying the companion’s personalities and stories with highlighting more on the life of the prophet in all stages of his life and his companions in order to try perfectly to follow their steps may Allah be pleased with them all. 

4- Tafseer: where students study the explanation and the interpretation of the words of the holy Quran.

5-Islamic history: where students study stories of the other prophets and messengers and The history of Islam in all century.

6-Daily Azkar and Dua(supplications): learn the daily Azkar and what to say each time and the meaning of them.

7-In-depth Islam study

Islamic studies for kids course

Islamic studies for kids

As our courses are for all ages. Annaba Academy provide Islamic studies course specified for kids which is online Islamic studies for children course where you children can learn:

  • The pillars of Islam
  • The pillars of belief
  • Seerah of the prophet and prophet stories
  • Daily salah (prayer) and Wudu (purification)
  • Hadith
  • Tafseer (Quran meaning)
  • Islamic Manners and Ethics
  • Daily Dua and Zikr (contemplation)

The importance of learning Islamic studies

Learning Islam is essential for all Muslims and certainly it’s the only thing that one needs to study in his/her life as it’s concerned with the human belief and worship.

It is not enough just to belong to Islam if one does not know what Islam is. Islam is not a human trait that the anyone knows by himself without studying and learning. Religious matters are not like that. Because we come out from the wombs of our mothers, we do not know anything about worldly matters or matters of religion, so it is not permissible for one of us to neglect himself and leave her without knowing the religious matters that Allah has enjoined to learn, such as the two Shahada and other matters of lawful and forbidden matters.

Likewise, it is not permissible to neglect the education of children in these sciences. As for what some parents do of being content with what their children learn in schools, such as memorizing Al-Fatihah and some Qur’anic surahs, excluding the rest of the necessities of religion, it does not indicate their eagerness to have their children learn the religious knowledge sufficient to repel the suspicions of atheists and establish arguments and proofs for the truth of this religion.

How to apply for Islamic studies courses

To enroll in Islamic studies for kids or Islamic studies courses kindly fill in the form on the contact page and we will get in touch with you to start Islamic studies for kids classes or Islamic studies courses during two hours.