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Learn Quran online, Learn Arabic And Islamic studies online through live classes With Expert Al-Azhar Tutors

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Classes we offer
  • learn Quran online with proper Tajweed
  • Enrich your knowledge of the holy Quran and Islamic studies
  • learn Arabic online and Islamic studies
  • Make your kids learn Quran online and Hafiz
  • Get a Quran teacher for your family to learn Quran online and Islam learning
what we offer

our courses

  • Nour Albayan course: learning the basic letters and phonics for improving the Arabic reading skills
  • Quran memoraization: Memoraize with holy Quran with online quran tutors from Egypt
  • Learn Quran reading: Learn how to read Quran in online Quran classes for kids and adults
  • Tajweed course: Learn how to read the holy quran with tajweed by Hafiz Quran teachers
  • learn Arabic reading and writing: We provide one-on-one Arabic lessons to learn Arabic online
  • Nahw and Grammar: Learn the essential Arabic skills (speaking-listening) by expert Arabic tutors 
  • Arabic for learning Quran reading
  • Arabic for Quran understanding
Learn Arabic
Islamic studies course
  • Tafseer AlQuran (meaning of Quran ayat)
  • Aqida essentials
  • Fiqh essentials
  • Hadith of the prophet
  • Stories of the prophet and Islamic history
  • Islamic studies for kids
Best quran academy

Why choose us

effective class

We use High quality Quran and Arabic materials accessible through Microsoft One note file to study and to do assignments. We also use Zoom platform to to provide live video & audio streaming, whiteboard and screen sharing

One on one classes

Our classes are provided as one to one live classes to provide the most interactive class through our expert tutors and using interactive digital environment

al-azhar expert teachers

Our teachers studied at Al-Azhar university (The world's leader university in providing Islamic studies). Our Quran school has highly qualified male and female tutors with vast experience teaching online

100% money back guarantee

We use Paypal for payments and we will refund you if you are not satisfied

Flexible schedule

Tutors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, you can study in our Quran school anytime with our flexible scheduling

Trial class

You can register for a free class to meet one of our male/female teachers and start to learn Quran online

We use many languages in teaching the young generations and in increasing the knowledge of the adults, including; Arabic, English and Chinese.


Golden plan

$ 10 Per Hour
  • One on one class
  • Live video session
  • Following up each class
  • Sending materials to student
  • Homework included
  • Chat is opened between the student and the teacher
  • The student could send the teacher any time
  • Personal advisor

Silver plan

$ 8 Per Hour
  • One on one class
  • Live video session
  • Sending materials to student
  • Homework included
  • Daily following up

Basic plan

$ 6 Per Hour
  • One on one class
  • Live video session
  • Sending materials to student
  • Homework included
  • Daily Following up
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About us

We are a group of Quran and Arabic teachers who studied at Al-Azhar university in Egypt which is the world leading Islamic studies university. We teach all who wants to learn Quran online through interactive digital environment. Our main goal is to provide the best online Quran classes ِِAnd to make distance learning easy for everyone.